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Duncan Veterinary Hospital, formerly Town and Country Veterinary Hospital, is a small animal veterinary practice. It was founded by Dr. Charles Wulz, after buying 'Wild Bill' Ryan's practice in 1957. In 1972, Dr. Wulz and Dr. William Randall moved the clinic from its original location on South Highway 81 to its current location on North Highway 81. Dr. Wulz left the practice in 1974 and Dr. Randall was briefly joined by Dr. John Minson until he left about a year later to open his own practice. In 1979, Dr. Bob Cross joined Town and Country and the two practiced together for many years. Eventually Dr. Randall left and Dr. Hallie Smith came to the practice; then in 2003 she purchased the clinic from Dr. Cross. Finally, in July of 2008, Dr. Michael Hudson came from Norman, OK, where he practiced for 13 years, to buy Town and Country from Dr. Smith. He wanted to honor the memory of his late father, Dr. Truman Hudson, a beloved large animal veterinarian who practiced with Dr. Perkins at Duncan Animal Hospital. Duncan Veterinary Hospital is a full service animal clinic. In addition to the medical care your pet needs, we also provide boarding and grooming.

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